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Blinkie: This user is bi Blinkie: Bi & Polyamorous Blinkie: Bisexual pride Blinkie: Cryptozoology Blinkie: I want to believe Blinkie: I love Horror Movies Blinkie: I love Glitter Blinkie: Let the music play Blinkie: Like the legends of the penis Blinkie: Animal Crossing Blinkie: Stardew Valley Blinkie: I love toast Blinkie: Smosh Blinkie: Daydreamer Blinkie: Minecraft diamonds are a girl's best friend Blinkie: I need more time! Blinkie: Hawaii: Part 2 Blinkie: It's gay love, baby Blinkie: Never trust a replubican Blinkie: Sexy naughty bitchy me Blinkie: Born to shop Blinkie: Daydream Believer Blinkie: Hopeless Romantic Blinkie: Pink! Pink! ... I love Pink! Blinkie: I love Halloween Blinkie: I hate mean people! Blinkie: Bite me. :) Blinkie: I am a gay vampire and you can't stop me Blinkie: Introvert Blinkie: Artist Blinkie: I love comments! Blinkie: tummy ache survivor Blinkie: I view the page source Blinkie: Cringe Culture is DEAD Blinkie: Homoerotic Subtext
Blinkie: I love my girlfriend Blinkie: Minecraft squid Blinkie: smoking sucks


Stamp: Tetris
Stamp: Portal 2
Stamp: 'rawr' means 'i love you' in dinosaur
Stamp: Yep! I play Minecraft
Stamp: I love gore
Stamp: Happy Kaomoji
Stamp: the sun is a deadly lazer
Stamp: I support Vampires
Stamp: Glitch