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About the Site

This site was created in February of 2024 after I had a bout of inspiration looking at other Neocities pages. All the design and coding is done by myself.

The code for the page is available on GitHub. Feel free to browse around, but please don't steal large chunks of code (or judge me for bad code quality...). For credits please visit the credits page.

The purpose of this site is to serve me as a creative project as well as a showcase of my work (such as art, playlists, and so on), and all my blathering. Some of the content is taken straight from my listography profile, because that's where I keep most of my stuff online.

The design of this site is a deliberate protest against modern web design trends, because I fricking hate them. Let's make the web fun again!

You can follow me on neocities here.

My site is cleaner than 99 % of all web pages globally.

0.01g of CO2/viewWebsite Carbon

Content Warnings

This site is safe for work and those under 18. Some pages may contain sensitive material (such as images of gore), but those pages have a warning at the top of the page.

Keep in mind that I am an adult (I am 24). I also might express some opinions that you will disagree with. All I ask is for you to be civil and simply leave my site if it upsets you.

Moving/flashing elements are reduced to a minimum, and completely hidden for users with the browser preference "reduce motion". Additionally, I recommend using a Gif blocker/stopper extension in your browser if such things are a problem for you.


This site should be usable on any screen size, desktop and mobile, and should work in all browsers.

I have made an effort to make the site as accessible as possible for anyone, with any disability. I've used the following resources (list incomplete):

In particular, I've focused on:

  • Website is optimized for screenreaders, including alternative texts for important images.
  • Ability to navigate the website with a keyboard exclusively
  • Usability when zoomed-in
  • Moving/flashing elements are reduced to a minimum, and completely hidden for users with the browser preference "reduce motion"
  • Readable text (fonts, font sizes, color contrast)
  • Dark mode
  • Reduced resources on page-load (to make the site more accessible to those with limited a Internet connection)

If you have trouble navigating and using the site, whether you are disabled or not, please feel free to contact me about it!

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Hotlinking is a-okay!

You can change the .webp to .gif if you want, but the image will be 1KB bigger.

Old Looks

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