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About Me

female she/her bisexual polyamorous taken young adult cancer zodiac year of the rabbit Student artist writer ISTJ right-handed introvert chaotic neutral slytherin

Here are some very basic facts about me!

  • Name: petra
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: 1999-07-17
  • Location: austria
  • Hair Colour: split brown & blonde
  • Eye Colour: brown
  • Height: 1,65 m (5'5")
  • Blood Group: 0+
  • Star sign: cancer
  • Piercings: snake bites, septum, helix
  • Tattoos: cancer constellation (underarm), dinosaur death pose (shoulder)
  • Religion: atheist
  • Occupation: english student at uni
  • Past Career: (frontend) web development
  • Sexuality: bisexual & polyamorous
  • Relationship status: with my girlfriend <3
  • Hogwarts house: slytherin
  • Attraction layer cake: red D 3
  • MBTI: istj-t
  • Alignment: chaotic neutral
  • Political compass: libertarian left (-8.25, -6.31)
  • Values: pro-choice, pro-vax, climate change believer (duh), pro-shipper, anti censorship, anti cancel culture
  • aesthetics, art, orderliness
  • compulsively keeping busy
  • dichotomy of collecting & minimalism
  • digital nativeness, coding, creating digitally, the web, ascii
  • fandom, obsessions, fictional characters
  • humor, comedy, music that makes me laugh
  • jack of all trades, master of none (better than a master of one)
  • learning new things, "hold up let me google that"
  • lists, organization, archival, data-hoarding, logging, tracking, journals
  • references, running gags, inside jokes, callbacks, nostalgia
  • romance, love, tropes, shipping, daydreams
  • structured conversation, text without subtext
  • words, writing, vocabulary, etymology, language, linguistics
A mirror selfie of me smiling, doing a heart symbol with my hand. My hair is split-dyed (brown and blonde). I'm wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Izzy from the tv show 'Our Flag Means Death'.
Me sticking out my tongue. There is a dinosaur tattoo on my shoulder. I'm wearing noticable eyeliner.
Me with a black cap on, smiling. My hand is on my face. I'm wearing white wireless earbuds.
A mirror selfie of me with a black cap on. My phone case has the bisexual flag in it. I'm wearing a white flannel over a white t-shirt. My nails are painted black.
Me smiling into the camera, wearing a white sweater and a black beanie and scarf, and pink ear rings.


Bolded ones are my favorites!
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  • Listening to Music
  • Watching TV shows
  • Expanding my English vocabulary
  • Making lists
  • Playing board/card games
  • Make-up
  • Fashion
  • Journalling / Media tracking

i love cats, aesthetics, lists, the web, fandom spaces, comedy music, dinosaurs, romance, running gags and inside jokes, structured conversation, words & etymology, accents, ballpoint pens, pixel art, mornings, dusk, geography, trivia, tropes, polyamory, horror movies, 18th century sailing ships, collecting, playlists, fictional cannibalism, fireworks, lucid dreams, gore, true crime, mustaches, ascii, non-fiction books, halloween, wind, guessing games, trivia, nostalgia :)

i hate ladybugs, smokers, dni lists, cancel culture, cynicism, dystopias, weed humor, tiktok, news, work culture, sneezes, toxic positivity, reddit, coffee, tea, winter, astrology taken seriously, ya literature, landlords, gum, spicy foods, team sports, snobbish academic culture, procrastinators, filmbros, carrots, messiness, maximalism, cables, snow, modern design trends, large submerged man-made objects, bitter people, twitter, spiders, censorship, hypocrites, virtue signalling >:(

Several long-necked dinosaurs standing in water. dinosaurs!!!
A pink retro computer showing green text on a black background. old web & nostalgia
A pen lying in an old book. writing & reading
A 18th century sailing ship in the ocean 18th century ships!
Two flying saucers in the sky. There are rainbows coming out of them. aliens :]
Me holding a book. It's 'The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs' by Steve Brusatte. reading!
A screenshot of two players in Minecraft standing in front of an in-game christmas tree. gaming!
The backside of a laptop with many colorful stickers on it. The stickers are logos from fandoms, for example 'Game Grumps', 'What we do in the Shadows', and 'Our Flag Means Death'. my laptop!
A digital drawing I did of a YouTuber. my art!
A digital drawing I did of Izzy Hands from the show 'Our Flag Means Death'. He's shirtless, and his shadow has the horn of a unicorn. my art!


tv shows
  • our flag means death
  • good omens
  • what we do in the shadows
  • doctor who
  • hannibal
  • star trek (the original series)
  • supernatural
  • sherlock
  • stranger things
  • avatar: the last airbender
  • the big bang theory
  • scrubs
  • jurassic park (1993)
  • zodiac (2007)
  • swiss army man (2016)
  • the princess bride (1987)
  • the avengers (2012)
  • der schuh des manitu (2001)
  • the stag (2013)
  • little miss sunshine (2006)
  • crazy, stupid, love. (2011)
  • jennifer's body (2009)
  • jeff goldblum
  • jemaine clement
  • david tennant
  • con o'neill
  • gillian anderson
  • mads mikkelsen
  • andrew scott
  • olivia colman
  • jim parsons
  • paul dano
  • tom hiddleston
  • michael sheen
  • kristen stewart
  • game grumps
  • danny, drew, kurtis, jarvis, chadchad
  • buzzfeed unsolved / watcher
  • rhett & link (good mythical morning)
  • dan and phil
  • vsauce
  • map men
  • coldmirror
  • ninja sex party
  • flight of the conchords
  • taylor swift
  • twenty one pilots
  • dream
  • danny gonzalez
  • wise guys
  • twrp
video games
  • minecraft
  • portal 2
  • legend of zelda: breath of the wild
  • animal crossing (new horizons)
  • mario kart 8 deluxe
  • stardew valley
  • sims 4
  • tetris
  • the wiki game
  • geoguessr
  • harry potter
  • the martian
  • flowers in the attic

non-fiction books:

  • sapiens: a brief history of humankind
  • sex at dawn
  • dinosaur: velociraptor
  • pterosaur: quetzalcoatlus
  • holiday: new year's eve
  • language: english
  • pokémon: mew, oddish
  • scent: wooden furniture
  • word: copacetic
  • audio book narrator: stephen fry
  • food: breakfast (toast with cheese)
  • card games: koi-koi, black stories
  • board games: concept, décorum, dixit
  • song: ...
Arin and Dan from Game Grumps. game grumps
The Tardis from Doctor Who. doctor who
Izzy Hands from Our Flag Means Death. our flag means death
A kiss between Azirphale and Crowley from Good Omens. good omens
Nandor from What We Do In The Shadows. what we do in the shadows






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