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Welcome to my site!

Welcome to petrapixel, my neocities site! Here you can find anything that interests me, from web resources, over vocabulary, to media recommendations!

Learn more about the site on the "about the site" page.

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A mirror selfie of me. My phone is covering most of my face. I'm wearing a brown top and long, gray skirt. My hair is half blonde, half brown.

About me

Hii! My name is Petra (she/her), and I'm a queer 24-year-old English student from Austria! I used to be a frontend web developer, and am obviously a big fan of the web. This site is my appreciation for the old web!

I also draw, write, create playlists, make video edits, and do a bunch of other things that you might find on here!

I love fandom spaces and regularly get obsessed with certain pieces of media - you will see them around here.

If you want to know more about me check out my "About Me" site!

This is me

female she/her bisexual polyamorous taken young adult cancer zodiac year of the rabbit Student artist writer ISTJ right-handed introvert chaotic neutral slytherin



Made by a girl

aromatic // new books

Nobility // Queen of her website!

Barbieland // This Barbie has too many hobbies and too little time!

Companions petra is a companion of the 10th doctor.

rock me ninja sex party

I will remember Izzy Hands forever

I Choose You! :: Pixel sprite of the Pokémon Oddish

pixel friends :: Pixel sprite of Celeste,a pink owl from Animal Crossing

fan listings:

Good Omens Hannibal Doctor Who What We Do In The Shadows Harry Potter Slytherin Supernatural Twenty One Pilots Blurryface Scrubs Star Trek: TOS Avengers David Tennant Taylor Swift Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Minecraft Breath of the Wild Fanfiction Words Writing Pixel Art Bisexuality Firefox Summer Halloween Garlic Bread Cheese New Year's Watching TV


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